I have been in the roofing business since I was 12 years old.  I was working one day and it was so hot, the shingles were burning my knees and my shoes were damaging the shingles. Near the job site, I saw a dumpster and  an old sofa cushion, I jumped at the opportunity to get it.   Surprisingly, not only did the cushion help with the heat on my knees, but it helped to secure me in place while working. From then on, every time our crew saw a piece of furniture on the side of the road, we would pull over and pull the cushions out. This was about  42 years ago and it seemed to take off. Every roofing crew need the cushions and they were far and few in between. However, every flood or hurricane, would bring lots of old nasty furniture to the sides of the road and we would jump on the opportunity! Fast forward to about a year ago, I was telling my wife how sick I was of using the old, nasty cushions and I wanted to brand my own. She and I looked into it and there was nothing on the market. We did our homework, tried hundreds of samples of cushion foam and finally found the best one that worked on shingles and metal.  This is how Roof Grippers has come to be!